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Shaanxi Genex Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

HPMC capsule,genlatin capsule, pullulan capsule

Saturday,May 26, 2018
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About Us
 We are the leading and professional supplier of two-piece capsules in China. Our plant is located in Weinan city, Shaanxi province. The occupied area of plant is 5000 square meters with 100-thousand-grade Cleaning workshop. Eight production lines and the annual production capability for vegetarian empty capsule is about 4 billion pieces.
We own many patents for capsule production and technology. Advanced production equipment, high effective auto production lines, strictly air cleaning control system and quality control system, according with US GMP and European GMP requirements.
Our capsules are available in all sizes ( ranging from 000# to 5#) suitable for all current capsules and filling rate is approximately 99%. These capsules also satisfies all vegetarian and religion needs that suits Muslims, Judaism, Hinduism. [More Information]
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